Short biography – Luke Tomaszewski

I was born in the Polish traditional family which left me with a lot of great memories. I spent my school years in Poland and graduated from mechanical High-school. Next, I worked as a technical mechanic and afterwards I decided to open my own business.

During this time I met the women of my dreams and we got married in 1991. We were blessed with a son Damian the following year. Shortly after that I won a green card which allowed us to come to USA.

Our next child, Samantha, was born in 1994. In order to support my family I worked a lot and my wife took care of our children. Although we missed Poland greatly, we decided to stay in the United States and become U.S citizens.

In 2003, a very special and key thing happened in our lives, we came to Christ. We met with Polish Christians who later inspired us to read the Bible and discover the true values and purpose of our life (for more information you can read our testimonies); Luke – clicking here and Iwona clicking here

In 2005, God blessed us with another child, Nicole, which we were very fortunate of. We now make a happy family of five.

We live in north suburbs about 50 miles from Chicago. I work in a company which designs precision components and tools – You can view pictures from my work by clicking here.

For most of my free time I dedicated myself to evangelical ministry. I fill up my time with correspondences and supportive discussions, especially with disadvantaged people. My passion is to carry hope and share Christian life with people as well as spread the good news about Christ. So in 2007, my dream was to share the gospel throughout polish people on the north side of Chicago. I am in the middle of this, believing that God will support this.

Right now me and my family are active:

• In a local church: Harvest Bible Chapel in Lake Zurich,

• Visit as volunteers at a community rehabilitation center, clicking here

• I formed a Polish evangelical information website,

• I share the gospel with Polish, Latin and American people.

• I encourage and provide materials to people who have the urge to share the gospel. If you would like to know more about this please click here

• I help lead people with drug and alcohol problems and provide them with the power of Jesus Christ. You can read more about this by clicking here

• I counsel, correspond, give answers and spiritual support for people who have heard the gospel and want to start following Jesus. You can view more about this by clicking here

In 2008 I started creating something to boost the urge of Polish Gospel missions in the Northern Chicago land area. I believe that God will support this cause.

Thank you, Luke